Saturday, 11 December 2010

Sepia, stress and something else with S

Sensational? Stupid?

Not sure. Both, probably.

Anyway, nitty gritty. My own photos, in sepia, are there for the taking right for 1L a picture, here (are you sick of the Vent du sud Winter Cabin for 50L plugs yet, but they are displayed in the big one?).

Taken in Morocco this October, they show some of the crafts and architecture I saw.

Yours for 1L and TRANSFER but this is not all, oh no. Thanks to Geek Back's excellent script for pictures, the owner can resize them and make them full bright or not.

Beads in the souk - 1L with frame and resize script here

Great gifts, no? Come grab them here as they will only be up for a couple of days.

I even made a poster, look!

OK, this was sepia. Time for bright yellow?

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